Queendom Report

An intensive 90-minute coaching session where you get to have a mind, body, and spirit upgrade through feminine empowerment coaching & integrative health recommendations. This session will give you a taste of what coaching combined with functional medicine can bring to your life.


5-month 1:1 Coaching Series, Freedom to be a Queen!

Your desired goals and your health are fully entangled with each other! Through this coaching series you will work on your goals through a proven formula while taking your mind & body through a functional medicine protocol. This will completely change your lifestyle and make you feel damn good everyday to easily conquer your dream life!


3-month 1:1 Coaching Series, Healthy Queendom

There is a root cause to why you are not connecting to your feminine body and why you are not feeling so great right now...integrative health is the answer! Through at home lab testing and 1:1 coaching you will be able to live a life worth living through your optimal health!


"I was struggling with having too many voices in my head telling me what I should be doing, and I knew I had special gifts and talents to give the world. My biggest goals were to build a business that would provide me with the freedom to be creative and tap into my feminine side! My coaching experience was Efficient, Intentional, and Illuminating! Now, I have a more organized mind which helps me complete tasks on a whole new level. Ashley sent me all the resources and worksheets I needed to stay on top of my goals. She was flexible and available whenever I needed her! She will teach you how to break down big goals into small steps for less anxiety and more productivity!"

Annie Cowden
Soul-Centered Travel Guide

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