Queendom Report

You know you desire a whole lot more but have no idea where to start or have fear of making the wrong move!

You desire multiple goals, a healthy body, and an uncomplicated mind. Everything feels like a messy knot and you can't clearly see the best way to untangle it all for a fresh start!

If this sounds like the world you are living in as a woman, then you have come to the right place! The Queendom Report will give you that beautiful starting place for your goals, health, and dreamy lifestyle!

I know you are looking for a process that works so this is why I created Forming Her. I am here to bring you something different to break the cycle of never starting on your goals out of fear and confusion!

The Forming Her process is a one-of-a-kind type of coaching because I combine my Feminine Empowerment coaching with Integrative Health for an epic transformation. 

What does that even mean?

Feminine Empowerment Coaching is all about stepping outside of the masculine energy of constantly doing and calling upon your inner Queen for all her magical, feminine energy of being! To achieve this, I guide you to turn the volume down from society, family and friends, to make room for your inner voice to take the mic. Every decision, action step, and idea you have after that moment is answered by your feelings, wants, and needs. Your inner Queen takes over and your empowerment raises the roof (corny but so true!)

Integrative Health is preventable care for your mind & body through natural healing, organic herbs, supplements, and Ayurvedic methods. This form of health is all about detoxing the mind and body to make room for all the nutrients you need for a better immune system, more energy, and control over any dis-ease that enters your body.

The reason I believe you must connect your optimal health to your goals is because until you’re living at your ideal weight and have the energy, vitality, clear thinking and pain-free body you’ve been searching for, none of your other dreams are going to matter. Your body must be equipped with the right power to pull your through all your desires.

Together, I believe we can all help each other out. I’ll teach you to achieve your dreams and in turn I simply ask that you pass that knowledge on to your family, friends, and others you come in contact with in life. This is the only way we’ll be able to transform the world we live in.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Queendom Report

90-minute 1:1 Coaching Session

During this session I will use my Feminine Empowerment Coaching expertise to help you create an original goal then guide you to move past your barriers for a powerful start! Then you will upgrade your health through my Integrative Health recommendations to make sure your Queendom (mind & body) are at optimal power for your goal journey!

         All the goodies you will receive during your Queendom Report:

+ A recorded meditation, tailored to your needs, to listen to before your session.

+ Create an inspiring goal through my step-by-step process; Making Goals like a Queen.

+ Work through the barriers that could arise in front of your goal through emotional balancing, feminine energy, and releasing old customs.

+ Start living a Functional medicine lifestyle for longevity & health by taking your body through a diet change, body movement, stress test. supplements, and toxin removal plan.

+ Drop all your fear by using your evolved power to create action steps that align with the woman you are today.

+ A strong starting point for your desired goals so that you can release all your fear and anxiety.

+  A complete Queendom Report emailed to you after your session is complete that includes; your goal, action steps, coaching notes, Integrative Health recommendations for your specific needs, and Queen resources to help guide you towards your goals.

+ Trust in your feminine intuition and a voice to make her roar!

+ Coaching support from me for two weeks after your session through email and Voxer. 




"So worth it! I won a 90-minute skype coaching session with Ashley. I was nervous, but within a few moments, I was able to open up completely! I felt so comfortable with her talking me through personal things, which are normally difficult for me to do. She made me feel like it was easy! I felt safe with her and knew that she had nothing but great intentions for me. Highly, highly recommend giving her a chance!"

Megan McClatchey

Ready to say Hell Yes to your desired goal & lifestyle?

This call gives you an entirely new perspective on your life, health, and desired goals. You will walk away with a game plan + a new feminine connection!

Hey! I'm Ashley, your certified Feminine Empowerment coach & Integrative Health Practitioner!

I know firsthand how incredible it feels to take control of your life & health through life coaching and functional medicine. This is why I am so passionate about sharing my life's work with you so that you too can feel this amazing freedom as a Queen!

In addition to having personally experienced a complete 180 degree change in my life, confidence, natural healing, and relationships from applying these techniques and principles to my daily life, here’s what people love about my coaching style + services:

- My no-filter kind of speech, where I tell you exactly what I am thinking and use my open book philosophy to be completely real with you!

- I make anything happen! If there is a will there is a way so I take any barrier you think you have in front of your goal and create an original game plan to fight it because figuring out puzzles is my talent.

- My notable formulas that give you a step-by-step process so that you never become lost while on your goal journey.

- A completely unique coaching experience by using my life coaching skills mixed with functional medicine for a complete feminine mind, body and soul transformation & connection!



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