The Three Questions to Unlock Your Full Power!


You haven't accomplished your goals in 2019 because you weren't capable or were lazy. The secret is that you didn't satisfy those goals because your body (your Queendom) was not prepared. If you don't fully understand your feminine body, which most of us don't during our twenties & thirties, then you can't use it's full optimal power. If your health goes then every goal you have can go right out the door with it!

This is why I am bringing a new concept to your world! Watch the video to see how I combine functional medicine with all my goal setting to achieve a smooth road towards my dream life!

Check out these show notes for some extra Queen resources:

~ R.U.L.E Formula: Before jumping head first into a goal, take your goal through this one-of-a-kind formula to build a solid foundation for your goal journey. This will help you never feel lost while accomplishing your goal and makes your goal feel lighter to carry! Check out the R.U.L.E Formula Digital course here!

~Do the work tip: Start to journal what is going on with your mind & body. Keep daily notes of how you feel throughout the day. You can easily do this on your phone or carry a cute journal around. Identify which foods give you energy, take away energy, cause inflammation or make you feel icky. Register what triggers your moods and emotions. Journal why you think you are not completing your daily goals. Just start to become your own investigator and tap into that beautiful insight you have as a woman.

~Dr. Stephen Cabral:


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