Generational Leftovers; You can just go ahead and dump those out, they are way expired!

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

You are probably thinking, “What the hell are generational leftovers? Recipes from my Grandma?” Well, they could be like recipes but nowhere near what you are thinking.

Generational Leftovers: Customs, beliefs, habits, and rules that are passed down from the generation before you, that no longer align with who you are presently in life. These leftovers are stale and need to be detoxed or tweaked to give you more power towards your goals and dream life.

Generational leftovers can trickle down into your world through your family (especially parents because they are our role models) and, or society.

Side Note: These leftovers are not your parent’s fault. They were just teaching you what they knew. In the past, there were not the millions of options that we have at our fingers tip now.

The reason I am so passionate about this topic, and I am taking the time to write this article is because we can be the change. We can make a conscious choice to detox the old ways...

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3 Ways To Form A Better Connection With Your Body (Even If You Still Feel Shameful About It)

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2020

What kind of feminine empowerment class did you have when you were in school? 

You know, a class where you get to learn about all the ways that your feminine body works and how to naturally heal your body and to use it’s power fully. 

Wait, didn’t have that type of class or gain that intimate knowledge about your Queendom (mind and body)?

Yeah, me neither! 

In fact, I don’t believe that kind of class exists in our patriarchal world.

While that might not be altogether shocking or surprising in any way, it’s definitely a tragedy. 

As a young girl, I was taught only about how to keep my period blood from leaking out, how to hide a tampon in my sleeve on the way to the bathroom, and how the female body can make babies. 

If I had a pain or feminine discomfort, I was given a pill for an easy band-aid. If I had insomnia, headaches, low mood, or low energy then I was simply told that I was depressed or, worse, that I was...

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Evolving Passions

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

This world is changing. 

We can’t deny that.

The world has always been and will always be changing. That’s just how life works. 

We seek new, we learn how to make new, and then we create new to get closer and closer to our best life. I mean, that’s basic evolution, right? 


Right now we’re in this crazy era where information comes at us from all directions at every hour of every single day. Thanks to ever-growing and improving technology, we have—almost—every answer to every question right at our fingertips.  It makes life both overwhelming and very exciting! 


Any idea you have ever had, you can now look up in a few minutes and find all the resources you need to fully realize those ideas.


We’re also seeing more and more AI take over some of the more mundane tasks. (Hello, mobile check deposit!) As more tasks are completed by machines, this frees up the human body to be more creative and seek out...

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The Three Questions to Unlock Your Full Power!


Hey there, beautiful!


Have you ever sat back and thought, “man...I’ve accomplished none of my goals in life?”


Maybe you’re sitting there, right now, thinking about how you’re “supposed” to already be living that dream life—and, of course, feeling pretty bad about yourself because you’re not there yet. After all, you’re in your 20’s. That’s when you’re supposed to have your life together and be super successful, right?


If you don’t have it all together that must mean that you’re lazy or you just don’t have what it takes. Well, so they say.


Spoilers: if you haven’t accomplished your goals in life so far, it’s not because you’re lazy or incapable. 


Are you ready for a big secret?

You haven’t achieved your goals because your body—your Queendom—isn’t ready yet.


So many of you amazing, young, 20-something...

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