Ashley Smith

Certified Feminine Empowerment coach & Integrative Health Practitioner

Forming Her is the process a woman takes to become a Queen of her life and rule all her dreams and desires.

This is what is possible when you start taking the reign of your daily life through your genuine wants, needs, passions & health:

Benefit One

You stop living by the old standards of society & your family to live on your terms! Which makes for a beautiful, original story!

Benefit Two

Take control of your health & wellness to understand your feminine body on a transcendent level for more power, energy, and longevity!

Benefit Three

You stop using quick fixes and start discovering all your root causes to simply transition into the adult world with less anxiety and more empowerment.

You don’t have to wait until you are older and wiser to fully connect with your natural wants, needs, and desires. You don’t have to wait until something goes wrong to take control of your life, health, and wellness. Why not get a jump start and feel on top of the world now and start living that dreamy life!

"I felt that I had lost my power and drive in life. I wasn’t making myself a priority anymore and my authentic personality was drowning. Ashley brought a positive energy to my coaching series that I knew I wanted to add to my life. After my coaching series, I started to have more present conversations, valuable relationships transformed, amazing opportunities manifested my way, and all my goals started working for me. My goals and desires just took on a life of their own. Life coaching with Ashley was energizing, relieving, and inspiring! Thank you for constantly cheering me on!"

Stacey Clair
Financial Adviser

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